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    Plastic Plating, Chrome Plating
    Plastic Plating, Chrome Plating
    Yulin Enterprise is a professional manufacturer of plastic chrome plating and black chrome plating in Taiwan for more than 20 years. Yulin specializes in electroplating such as silver, gold, plastic plating, black chrome plating, chrome plating wheels, EMI services and total plating product development for automobile components and products. The plating products are including plastic plating bug deflector, emblem, grille, LED door handle, mirror cover, satin nickel, truck bezel and grille, chrome plating wheels cover for truck. It's welcome for you to propose any demand which is about plastic chrome plating, chrome plating wheels and other plating products.

    Our strict quality management delivers customers products on time and to our exact specifications and we look forward to cooperating with you on your export business.

    OEM & AM Electroplating Products

    Plastic Plating, Chrome Plating
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